Every once in a while, I pick up my laptop to write. I started writing poems back when I was in school, and continue to write now and then. Since I travel quite a lot, often alone, I’ve recently started writing short accounts of my travels and visits.

The Man

They said he was mad, That he was not fit for this world. Rarely did he speak, Little fellow, thin and meek, At whom many an abuse was hurled…   They said he was dull, That he was not like

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Meaning and the Built Form: Changing perspectives in contemporary history and theory

‘What is Architecture?’ The question is very direct – almost brutally direct. On the face of it, one may say, it also appears to have a very simple and equally direct answer. Perhaps it does. But if one dares to

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The Ajmer Diary

The Ajmer Diary 02/10/2015   06:30 am: I arrived at Ajmer station by the Ahmedabad – Varanasi Express (19407). Despite departing Ahmedabad half an hour late, it managed to reach Ajmer on time. After freshening up at the waiting room,

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The Red Flag by the Blue Sea

She stands alone. Tall, fearless and defiant. The piercing melody of her sublime song drowned, By the sound of the waves crashing against her feet, And against her soul. Rising, only through those magical moments of silence. She sees us

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The Jaunpur Diary

5th June 2015 12:30pm. I arrived at Jaunpur Junction on the Doon Express. As expected, it was really really hot. Well past 42 degrees Celsius. And coupled with the treacherous loo blowing constantly, it was really difficult. After finishing my

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How I see the World: A Brief Narrative

The following essay was originally written as a part of an university elective course on critical thinking and argumentation. In today’s world, we all seem to lead very fast paced lives. We get very little time to actually stop, think,

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The Tomb of Salim Shah Suri (Islam Shah)

The Tomb of Salim Shah Suri (Islam Shah): The glory that never was. “Hidden from the world, and little known even to the local residents of Sasaram, lies another tomb – a tomb that could well have surpassed the glory of

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The waves

’twas the sound of the waves, crashing upon the shore, whispering to my ear, “What’s in this world that you fear? There’s so much that you haven’t seen before!”   ’twas the gaze of the stars, by the light of

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ঘন ছায়ায়, গ্রামের মায়ায়, বাতাস বহে যায়, তারই মাঝে বসে আমি, তোমার অপেক্ষায়।   নাই গো এখন পাখিদের মেলা, সংসারের কলরব, সাঙ্গ হয়েছে দিবসের খেলা, সমাজের সব উত্সব।   নাই গো এখন দিনের আলো, সুর্যের আহবান, নাই গো এখন মহাকাশে,

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The Tomb of Khan – i Jahan Tilangani

The Tomb of Khan – i Jahan Tilangani The tomb of Khan i Jahan Tilangani, Prime Minister to Sultan Firoze Shah Tughlaq is of immense architectural importance as it is the first tomb to incorporate an octagonal plan form. It

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